Tim Piepho

Summer grilling tips from Newfound Market’s butcher


Bristol Farms Newfound Market, at Irvine Spectrum Center, is gaining a reputation for its world-class meat department. We spoke with meat-counter manager Tim Piepho to get tips to master your backyard cookouts this summer. Most important: “Let your meat reach room temperature first, and let meat rest at least five minutes after grilling.” Here are some more tips.

1. Rib-eye steak

“Brush with olive oil, add salt and pepper and, if you want to get fancy, garlic and rosemary. Cook on medium-high heat 6 to 8 minutes. Prime has more marbling and flavor; Choice is leaner and half the cost.”

2. Boneless skin-on chicken breast

“Season with olive oil and paprika, throw on direct heat, 6 to 8 minutes each side, one flip. Pittman Farms chicken is natural, responsibly raised, not super-fatty – the best quality chicken I’ve ever come across.”

3. Atlantic salmon

“Put a tablespoon of our compound garlic butter over the salmon with salt and pepper, cook skin-side-up 4 minutes on medium-high heat until golden and crisp. Flip and reduce heat for 4 minutes. Seafood doesn’t need to rest.”

4. Bone-in lamb loin chop

“It’s the T-bone of lamb – like a New York on one side, filet on the other. Grain- and grass-fed Marcho Farms lamb has a distinctive flavor. Start over indirect heat for 8 minutes; sear each side over direct heat for 2 minutes.”

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