The city has invested $79 million in 21 projects, now underway, to improve traffic.

$79 million in traffic improvements underway


The city took major steps to improve traffic flow this year, investing $79 million in 21 projects now underway.

The city is widening streets, improving intersections, adding “smart” lights that use artificial intelligence — and synchronizing traffic lights across the city.

“The way trips are flowing through the city already show improvement,” said Irvine Transportation Director Mark Linsenmayer.

The city:

• Is widening a critical stretch of University Drive from MacArthur Boulevard to Campus Drive.

• Has synchronized more than 200 traffic signals on all major streets, cutting the average drive time by 10–15 percent

• Is synchronizing 40 Caltrans lights at ramps to the I-5 and I-405 and the 133 and 261 toll roads.

• Has added several new traffic lights that allow left turns when blinking yellow

• Will soon widen the intersection at Culver and University drives. In 2017, the city hired Linsenmayer and reinstated its Transportation Commission to improve traffic flow.

“Now we can look at just transportation,” Linsenmayer said, “and have somebody look at all facets.”

Spotlight: Irvine Transportation Director

Mark Linsenmayer is the director of transportation for the city of Irvine, overseeing traffic management, transit planning and alternative transportation. He also serves as the staff liaison to the city’s Transportation Commission. He is responsible for the development and implementation of the city’s transportation initiatives.

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