Kenny Rueter | Travis Rosser

Two friends + tacos + crazy idea = Kajabi, a modern success story

In 2009, they were dreamers trying to sell a kids’ toy online. Today Kenny Rueter and Travis Rosser run the Irvine-based Kajabi, which has helped customers earn over $500 million selling online courses — ranging from fitness, to real estate investing, to improving your tennis game. How did all this happen? We asked Rueter, the company’s co‑founder and CEO.

Describe your lightbulb moment.

It all started with a sprinkler toy I built for my sons in 2009 — PVC pipe attached to a hose they could ride bikes through. Every time we took it out, neighbors asked where they could get one.

Over tacos one day, I suggested to my friend Travis Rosser that we call it “Crazy Spray” and sell it online. We quickly realized that keeping inventory, manufacturing, assembling and shipping seemed too daunting. We decided to sell videos on how to build the toys. But there was no easy way to sell information online. So instead of going into the toy business, we created an online platform to easily sell the knowledge in your head.

How successful have you been?

Kajabi has been on Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing software companies list for three straight years. Thousands of people have offered their knowledge online for the first time — collectively earning more than $500 million.

We’ve seen college-aged kids out-earn their chosen career path before leaving school; stay-at-home moms launch seven-figure businesses that now employ spouses and kids; and retirees create new businesses from the back of their Harley Davidson motorcycles.

How does your idea change the world?

By asking: “What knowledge do you have that the world needs?” And helping you take care of the rest.

Why choose Irvine to work?

In our world, namely technology, sourcing, hiring and retaining talent is hugely important. The location of the office, amenities in and around it, and even the style of the office are all aspects of encouraging talented team members to choose Kajabi. We’re close to the Spectrum with creative, tech-centric space that our team loves. It’s got it all.

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