Irvine’s retail centers like Woodbury Town Center, above, generate millions of dollars in sales tax revenue.

Irvine ranked No.1 in fiscal strength

For the fourth straight year, Irvine has been ranked No. 1 in fiscal strength among America’s most populous cities by Truth in Accounting, a nonprofit organization that analyzes government finances.

The question is asked and answered: After all the bills are paid, is there money left over? Irvine was given a surplus score of $4,100 per taxpayer.

The city’s Master Plan strategically locates business districts and retail hubs throughout Irvine, creating a city where small and large businesses can thrive. These businesses contribute greatly to Irvine’s fiscal bottom line, keeping taxes low, parks maintained, and its Police Department fully funded.

Irvine’s fiscal strength tops every other large American city, including San Francisco, San Jose and San Diego.