Remove turf to save water and money


Water continues to be a precious resource in California. If you are interested in conserving it while inspiring others to do the same, removing your grass is one of your best options.

A recent study conducted by Andrew Marx, CEO of PlanetScape AI, found that for every 100 homeowners that removed their lawns, an additional 132 nearby homeowners converted their own grass.

Turf needs a lot of water to thrive. The more grass you have, the harder it is to meet your water budget, and that wastes water and money.

If your existing lawn area doesn’t serve a purpose – such as a play space for kids or dogs – consider replacing it with beautiful drought-friendly plants and ground covering. That could cut your outdoor water use by more than 50%.

The Irvine Ranch Water District is paying eligible residents up to $5 per square foot for removing lawn using potable water, the highest rate the district has ever offered.

The district provides online tools to help you create your new yard design. Rebates for water-saving irrigation devices are also available.

“It’s like getting paid to transform your landscape and upgrade your outdated irrigation system,” says Juan Garcia, a water-efficiency specialist at the district.

Drought-resistant plants come in a multitude of colors, textures and sizes. Some alternatives to think about when replacing your turf include parasol aeonium, foxtail agave, African daisy and rosemary. A different study by Marx found that less than 4% of those who participated in turf-removal programs later replanted grass.

To receive the turf-removal rebate, you must apply before removing grass. An employee from the water district comes out to measure the landscape area and confirm the presence of turf.

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