Taylor Tomlinson

Taylor Tomlinson takes the stage

Comedian Taylor Tomlinson, star of the Netflix stand-up specials “Quarter-Life Crisis” and “Look At You,” will return to Irvine Improv on Sept. 15-18.

When was the first moment you realized you could make people laugh?

People ask this a lot, and I never know what to say. I think most comedians were funny kids. I was probably making my family laugh before I even meant to be funny.

What was it like returning to the stage after the success of your March 2020 special, ‘Quarter-Life Crisis’?

When we finally got to come back out and do clubs and, eventually, theaters, I was blown away by the difference in ticket sales, like selling out every weekend at clubs, and we were adding shows and theaters. It’s a dream come true, not to sound like a Disney Princess but …

Your new Netflix special, ‘Look At You,’ debuted this year. What can we expect?

It’s a lot about mental health and my own mental health journey. There’s dating jokes and all that other stuff. And I talk about some very personal things like losing my mom as a kid. I promise, it’s hilarious.

Ever been to Irvine before?

I live in L.A., so I’ve been to Irvine a lot. The Irvine Spectrum is beautiful, and it’s good to get there early enough to shop.

Tickets: improv.com/irvine

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