Turtle Rock

Between a rock and a heavenly place

Turtle Rock turned 50 last year – just the second village in Irvine to do so. It was the city’s first hillside community, with homes wrapped around the terraced San Joaquin Hills. It takes its name from a massive rock atop the hill that Native Americans referred to as Turtle Rock.

Don’t Miss

  • Turtle Rock Viewpoint: outstanding views of the city, just a short walk up from Chaparral Park.
  • Turtle Rock Community Park & Nature Center: includes a native plant garden, rock labyrinth and self-guided nature trail.
  • Turtle Rock: a 20-ton rock that the Gabrielino Native Americans named more than two centuries ago sits in a small park on (get ready) Rockview street.

Did You Know?

  • Turtle Rock is one of the original five villages that formed the City of Irvine.
  • The village contains more than 100 acres of parks, 25 miles of bike trails and six miles of hiking trails.
  • The Turtle Rock formation also has been called Lizard Rock and Frog Rock.
  • The village lies adjacent to the trailheads for Bommer Canyon and the Shady Canyon


“We’ve lived in Turtle Rock since 1970, and never even considered living anywhere else. Our daughters grew up in Irvine and attended the city’s excellent schools. As a family, we spent many hours outdoors exploring the village’s nearby trails and parks. For us, Irvine has always been home, from when our girls were young and until now, as empty-nesters.”
— Carolyn Branda