Jack Williams

Meet Jack Williams, a real straight shooter

Have bow and arrow, will travel. And win competitions. Jack Williams, 18, is an archer who competes on the world stage. Williams, who grew up in Woodbridge, discusses how he became enchanted with the sport — and what he’s aiming to achieve.

How did you become interested in archery?
I first became interested in archery through fencing when I was about 10 and began competing nationally. Then the fencing studio I was at started offering archery lessons. I liked the classes, so I bought my own bow. I went through the Junior Olympic Archery Development program and started competing nationally.

Hardest thing about the sport?Jack Williams Wins Gold Argentina
Making sure your form is perfect and consistent. If it isn’t, you won’t be able to shoot consistent scores in tournaments.

Best thing about it?
To me the most enjoyable thing about archery is the constant strive to improve. In archery you’re always trying to improve your score and I really like that.

What are you aiming for, competition-wise?
My dream is to make the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as well as other Olympics after that.

Where have you traveled, and what’s your favorite memory to date?
Archery has taken me all around the world – I’ve competed throughout the United States as well as Rosario, Argentina, Bangkok, Thailand, Nîmes, France, Shanghai, China, and Antalya, Turkey.

My most memorable experience is winning gold in Argentina with my fellow teammates.