Pointing to the future

by Tom Berg

About 50 years ago, this iconic photo of William Pereira was taken in Aldrich Park, the center of UC Irvine, which he had designed along with the Master Plan for the city of Irvine. It appears as if he’s pointing to the future.

Today, UCI is ranked seventh among public universities in the nation and its students are creating the future Pereira envisioned.

So, for fun, we asked a few students to strike a similar pose and point to the future they are creating.

They spoke of designing propulsion systems, building aerospace turbomachinery and teaching physics, among other things.

“I’d like to develop new methods of producing medicines,” said biomedical engineering freshman Abhishek Devarajan.

“I plan to work in artificial intelligence and robotics,” said software engineering freshman Archita Bathole.

Architect Pereira was such a bold thinker that he imagined a cattle pasture as a world-class university. Now its students are imagining futures that may change the world again.

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