Art, music and science program: ‘Fostering a lifelong love of learning’

The educational experience for fourth- through sixth-grade students in the Irvine Unified School District is significantly enhanced by a robust enrichment program in the areas of art, music and science.

Taught by specialist teachers in each area, the lessons are made possible in part by Irvine Company’s Excellence in Education Enrichment Fund. The company has committed more than $45 million over 20 years to ensure the continuation of these lessons, which IUSD officials call a critically important part of the educational experience in Irvine.

“As a result of this extraordinary commitment, nearly 80,000 children have had their educational experiences enhanced by specialist teachers, who often provide our young students with their first exposure to robust art, music and science education, fostering a lifelong love of learning,” IUSD Superintendent Terry Walker said.

“The Excellence in Education Enrichment Fund has become a cornerstone of our district’s instructional profile and it has made a lasting impact on the lives of thousands of current and former students.”

Click here to read the Excellence in Education Enrichment Fund 2017-2018 annual report.