Two-wheelin’ with feelin’

This month, we ask mountain bike racer David Pyle about trails on the Irvine Ranch.

What are the trails like?

They offer every combination of terrain: steep climbs and fun descents, sand, rocks, limestone, gravel, shade under the oaks — everything you could ask for to test your skills on a mountain bike.

Most memorable ride?

Last year’s OC MTB race in Limestone Canyon was epic. It started out cool and overcast, then turned sunny and clear. After a long hard climb, I reached the top of Loma Ridge and could see all of Irvine and out to Catalina. What an amazing view. All I could think was how blessed we are to have this in our backyard.

Unexpected sights?

Last year I saw a doe watching me. I didn’t notice she had a fawn until I was within 25 feet and they slowly walked away. Pretty amazing.






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