Police cars get a new look


America’s safest city is upgrading its police cars.

The new vehicles will be painted black-and-white for the first time since the department formed in 1975.

Its original cars featured blue-and-green stripes — affectionately known as “racing stripes” by residents. The stripes were intended to set the new master-planned city apart, and emphasize its relationship with the community.

The stripes disappeared in 1992, but the cars remained white until now. The new design is intended to help residents distinguish police cars from private security vehicles.

There’s one holdover, however, from 1975.

Then and now, the vehicles display the department’s motto: “In partnership with the community.”

1975-1978 Irvine PD Ford Torino
1978-1982 Irvine PD Ford LTD II
1982-1983 Irvine PD Ford LTD Crown Victoria
1983-1992 Irvine PD Ford Crown Victoria
1992-1998 Irvine PD Ford Crown Victoria
1998-2000 Irvine PD Ford Crown Victoria
2000-2013 Irvine PD Ford Crown Victoria

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