Jasmeet Singh, owner of AKT studio at The Market Place.

Fitness expert: Get out and get fit


If you’re missing your daily workout at the gym this summer, listen up.

Jasmeet Singh is the owner of The Market Place’s AKT, a dance-based cardio fitness studio franchise (with disco balls and neon lights and celebrity fans) that started in New York City.

I asked Singh to share some of her top wellness tips.

No. 1 on her list: Get moving as soon as you get up.

“An object in motion stays in motion,” she says. “I start my day with a quick 20-minute yoga to wake my body up.”

Singh likes CorePower Yoga, which has been offering free online classes during the shutdown. “Just grab a mat and light some candles for ambiance.”

If yoga sounds too complicated, take a walk around the block.

“I like the fresh, crisp air early in the morning, and it’s nice to see other people out,” she says. “I love walking around Irvine.”

One of her favorite walks is along the scenic Shady Canyon Trail, which she likes to do at sunset while listening to “The Happiness Lab,”a podcast that touches on everything from restful sleep to gratitude.

If motivation is your weakness, Singh recommends inviting a friend to join you – on Zoom. She does this with a friend who lives in San Diego.

“We’ll pick an online workout and then say, ‘Let’s do this at 4 p.m.’ ” For one thing, it holds you accountable. “And I think people tend to push themselves harder when they’re working out with someone else.”

“I like the fresh, crisp air early in the morning, and it’s nice to see other people out. I love walking around Irvine.” – Jasmeet Singh, owner of AKT studio

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