‘Smart features’ found in new homes

Here are five smart home features to make your life easier.

We asked Bob Edmonston, vice president of the Irvine Pacific Design Center, what’s new inside the homes being built in Orchard Hills, Portola Springs and Barcelona Irvine Spectrum. Here are five smart features to make your life easier.

Smart ovens: Wi-Fi-enabled ovens make cooking recommendations and automatically set cook times via Alexa or Google Assistant. With remote access, there’s no rushing home to preheat the oven.

Smart thermostats: App-based thermostats let you adjust the heat or AC from bed, the couch or the car so you’ll always feel comfortable. You can monitor energy consumption in real time and adjust as desired.

Smart shades: Power shades open and close at the touch of a button or a phone app – at home or away. Set a schedule (organized by room) or use voice control.

Smart lighting: With app-based LED lights, you can adjust brightness, mood, and even colors by voice command or schedule.

Smart garage doors: Program your house lights – or heat or music – to turn on when the garage door opens. With geofencing, the door will open as your car approaches.