The Jeffrey Open Space Trail is where friends and family can explore 2.5 miles of uninterrupted meadows, woodlands and pathways in the heart of the city.

You can almost feel it breathing as it contracts and expands, from 85 feet wide in places to over 400 feet wide in others.

Two intertwining trails offer a choice of scenery: A broad, paved trail gently curves through manicured lawns, while an intimate gravel path (the road less taken) meanders through rocky creek beds, stands of sycamore trees and informal botanical gardens.

Along the route, art installations trace 500 years of local history, from the first Spanish explorers, to the growth of The Irvine Ranch, to Irvine’s Master Plan and open space dedications.

In a few hours, you can see 37 varieties of trees, 39 varieties of shrubs and 16 varieties of ornamental grasses. While old stone underpasses, ivied bridges and nostalgic lamp posts are in the character of Frederick Law Olmsted’s design of Central Park in New York.

This extraordinary open space is the result of close collaboration between the community and Irvine Company, which developed the $30 million linear park.

On The Trail. Photo Courtesy SWA Group.
In The Meadow
Under the Trees

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