Here’s why it’s smart to consider community college

College application season is in full swing. As a career readiness counselor with the Irvine Unified School District, I’m often asked about community college, so I caught up with Frank Rivera, manager for outreach services at Irvine Valley College, to explain why it’s the right fit for some students.

What are the benefits of attending IVC?

It’s an opportunity for students to develop their educational or career path without the pressure of big student loans. We have amazing financial aid programs and offer many types of instruction that provide the flexibility today’s students require.

Do you have transfer agreements with four-year universities?

Yes, IVC boasts the No. 1 transfer rate of all California community colleges and is No. 1 in transfers to UC schools in Orange County. Students who participate in the IVC Honors Program can benefit from special agreements with UCLA’s Transfer Alliance Program and UCI’s Transfer Honors-to-Honors programs.

Is tuition free?

The Irvine Valley Promise provides two years of free tuition and paid enrollment fees for eligible first-time, full-time IVC students. It also provides money for books through bookstore vouchers, designated counseling services and academic and career resources.

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