Homebuying season has arrived; here’s your guide


The excitement begins as you open the tall, arched door and look up at 20-foot ceilings and across beautifully designed open floor plans. All the while, the kids rush to pick their rooms and you dream about the possibilities. That’s the fun of touring model homes with our loved ones. As we enter the spring buying season, we asked Irvine Pacific sales counselor Cheryl Holthaus to showcase the unique features to look for in the 2021 collection of model homes. Get ready to be wowed!

What’s unique?
Irvine Pacific invented the California Great Room, and it is what sets Irvine’s homes apart and leverages our California coastal climate. The panoramic sliding glass doors make these indoor/outdoor spaces an extension of the home to gather with friends and family.

What’s new?
The Conservatory is a newer addition to our homes. It is a bright, sun-filled area that is perfect for 2021 needs. We’ve also taken our ceilings higher than ever before. Some reach 15 feet or higher. This opens up the indoor space really well. New buyers walk in, look up and are amazed at how spacious it makes the home feel.

Flex space can be used as a family den, a playroom or an office.

Flex spaces are in, right?
Yes. Learning lofts, tech spaces, family dens … all are possible in these luxurious and comfortable flex spaces and have emerged as a much-desired option for families working from home.

What about backyards?
Many of Irvine’s new homes, especially at Fresco in Eastwood and the Reserve in Orchard Hills, have spacious backyards – some with panoramic views stretching over the city.

Indoor-outdoor living spaces are ideal for Irvine’s SoCal climate.

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