Sage Park is designed for first-time homebuyers.

The Irvine dream comes true for 68 families


A collection of 68 townhomes is under construction in Portola Springs, offering affordable opportunities for first-time homebuyers, many of whom will be essential workers in Irvine.

The lowest-priced homes come with two bedrooms and three bathrooms, include 1,282 square feet, and start in the low $400,000s.

The neighborhood, built by the Irvine Community Land Trust on 4 acres of land donated by Irvine Company, will also include parks, a community pool and a recreation center.

“Just think about all the smart people we have here in Irvine,” says Mark Asturias, who runs the nonprofit trust created by the City of Irvine to provide a full spectrum of housing. “These are nurses, health care workers, teachers and recent graduates – maybe engineers – who are just starting their careers.

“These are nurses, health care workers, teachers and recent graduates … . We’re proud we can offer them homeownership for the first time … .” – Mark Asturias

We’re proud we can offer them home-ownership for the first time and help them thrive here in Irvine.”

Buyers at Sage Park must be moderate-income families making about the region’s median income. For example, there’s a $129,000 cap for a family of four. They must be first-time homebuyers and live or work in the area.

The 68 prospective homeowners were selected in a lottery last month. They could move in as soon as early 2022.

“This model – where we partner with the city and local landowners – is how we can hit all levels of interest and incomes,” Asturias says.

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