Celebrating the Fourth in Woodbridge style

Woodbridge neighbors gather to honor their country and celebrate where they live.

by Ellen Bell

This Fourth of July, all across the City of Irvine, people will be gathering at community parks, parades, and evening fireworks displays. The residents of the “Landing II” neighborhood in Woodbridge will be doing what they’ve done for over 30 years: joining with their neighbors to honor their country and celebrate where they live.

What started as a simple get-together with BBQ grills rolled into the street and a random collection of card tables has now become an all-day affair with parade floats, pony rides, and a catered dinner with live music.

In many ways, Landing II represents the ideal of the Irvine Master Plan that was developed in the early 1960s. The “New Town” of Irvine was designed as a series of villages, each containing neighborhoods where residents have a feeling of identity; a place of “home” within the larger city.

“Residents of our community come in all shapes and sizes, all creeds and faiths, all backgrounds,” said resident Peter Macdonald. “Yet there is a common respect, value of family, support for tolerance and education, and a goodwill towards all that is pervasive here.”

No doubt the Landing II Fourth of July celebration will continue to draw new families to embrace the neighborhood traditions. Noonosh Shakernia was not familiar with Landing II festivities when she and her family moved in a few years ago.

“We didn’t know what Landing II was all about, but since we bought the house we feel like we hit the jackpot with this unique neighborhood and the friendliness of everyone.” 

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