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Smile and say (grilled) Cheese!

Your favorite childhood snack just got better.




Your favorite childhood snack just got better. Grater Grilled Cheese offers a twist on the American classic with grilled cheese sandwiches that are bigger, cheesier and well, funkier, than mom used to make. Here manager Angel Mora describes their unique concept.

How did this all start?

We started seven years ago as a San Diego food truck selling a
childhood meal that reminds you of home. Our sandwiches are revamped versions of your mom’s grilled cheese using local and organic suppliers.

How do you make them?

Our “Basic 5” blends five cheeses on artisan bread made just for us, with homemade spreads like beer-chipotle mayo and Spanish-pimento-and-olive- oil aioli. You can also add roasted vegetables, bacon or arugula on
any sandwich.

What other kinds of grilled cheese?

The Carnivore is the Basic 5 with a hamburger patty. The Caprese is the Basic 5 with tomato and basil and balsamic vinegar. People think it’s going to be this small little thing, but they are surprised at how big the sandwiches are. Our bigger sandwiches are American classics but funkier.

Any combinations that didn’t work?

We tried an apricot grilled cheese for a sweeter option but it didn’t work with the hot cheese. A combination that surprised us was chicken tenders with gorgonzola cheese and garlic aioli. This is now in our Cordon Bleu Grilled Cheese.

Top seller?

That’s our signature sandwich, the Puerto Nuevo-style Lobster Grilled Cheese — with fried lobster, crab and a chipotle aioli. If you like cheese and lobster, be prepared to be amazed. n

Grater Grilled Cheese recently opened at 6628 Irvine Center Dr., in Sand Canyon Plaza.