James Irvine II and his friend Harry Bechtel rode bikes from San Francisco to the Irvine Ranch in 1889.

Bicycling is in Irvine’s DNA

Back in 1889, James Irvine II rode a high-wheeled bike, called a velocipede, from San Francisco to the ranch that he inherited from his father. Irvine surveyed much of the Irvine Ranch from his bike, giving him a unique perspective of the land.

In modern times, the city’s Master Plan created more than 360 miles of bikeways to connect residents to nearby offices, shopping, entertainment and parks.

These trails are considered the best in Orange County, according the League of American Bicyclists.

“No other city in the country that I know of has a bike trail system like Irvine,” says Ken Montgomery, an avid bicyclist who serves on Irvine’s Transportation Commission. “It’s great for recreation and also great for commuting.”

Just as it was 130 years ago for James Irvine II.

James Irvine II first surveyed the Irvine Ranch on a high-wheeled bike in the 1880s.

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