Reinvestment sparks unique experiences

Continuous reinvestment at Irvine shopping centers means there’s always a new restaurant, shop, courtyard or patio to enjoy. Here are three centers to check out.

(Additional benefit: Shopping in Irvine means your sales tax dollars help fund Irvine’s first-class Police Department.)

1. Beautiful Environments

Orchard Hills Shopping Center’s mature olive trees, trellises and outdoor dining areas make you feel like you’re in the Mediterranean countryside, as does its surrounding village.

2. Community Gathering Places

Woodbridge Village Center recently underwent a $30 million reinvestment, creating a great lawn with seats, outdoor dining, play areas and views of the North Lake.

3. Open-Air Settings

Irvine Spectrum Center’s $250 million reinvestment reimagined what a retail center should be: a place to play, relax and enjoy a meal with friends between browsing the shops.