10 ways the Irvine Master Plan vision is being realized

THE FORWARD-LOOKING Irvine Master Plan is an extraordinary document. It opens with these words: “What we unfold here are plans, carefully and expensively wrought plans, for a totally new city. We call it the City of Irvine.”

It goes on to describe, in detail, what will make Irvine such a unique and remarkable place to live, work, go to school and raise a family.

Its words and profound vision leap off the page. Here’s why: When early Irvine Company planners decided 60 years ago to create a city around a University of California campus, there was no development or infrastructure to support a city on the historic Irvine Ranch. They were proposing a fully functioning city – entirely from scratch.

In this Special Edition, we look at 10 ways this audacious plan has been, and is being, realized – resulting in the quality of life residents enjoy today.

1. Irvine was planned to be a city of intellect

2. As a city of villages, Irvine makes life easier 

3. Irvine has more parks and open space

4. Irvine’s retail centers deliver resort-like experiences

5. Irvine’s residents are healthy, happy and fit 

6. Irvine attracts big brands and lots of jobs 

7. Irvine is a hub of arts and culture in OC

8. Irvine’s architecture is timeless 

9. Irvine’s early attention to infrastructure pays off

10. Irvine residents live in America’s safest city