Irvine residents live in America’s safest city

FOR 15 STRAIGHT YEARS, Irvine has been named America’s safest city of its size, based on FBI Uniform Crime Reporting statistics from 18,000 jurisdictions.

The report also shows Irvine to be twice as safe as the next safest big city – Virginia Beach, Virginia.

“Safety holds everything together, says Kristi Blazier, while walking the Jeffrey Open Space Trail with her son Kellan. “Our parks, schools and shopping centers are all great, and it’s because we feel safe in these places.”

Planned for safety

Good planning is at the core of Irvine’s sustained safety.

The principles of the Master Plan established commercial centers like the Spectrum District that generate tens of millions of dollars for the city’s budget, which, among other services, funds Irvine’s world-class Police Department.

“One reason Irvine is safe is how well planned it is,” Irvine Police Chief Mike Hamel says.

Another is having the right team and teamwork.

“I seek to hire people who have a true sense of service and a true selfless disposition,” Hamel says.

“Once I find good people, then we train them to the nuts and bolts of the job, so we end up with people who become integrated into the existing culture of service.”

In partnership with the community

Irvine’s Community Police Academy offers residents an in-depth look into the day-to-day operations of law enforcement.

In addition, it is the only department in Orange County to provide a D.A.R.E. curriculum at all Irvine elementary schools.

“In partnership with the community,” Hamel says. “That’s been our motto in Irvine forever.”

What Does Safety Mean To You?

“I love living in Irvine. It’s a safe environment that allows me to connect with the outdoors. I can walk freely day or night and always feel safe.” – Nada Lena








“Our kids can walk and bike to school like I did years ago. Walking the beautiful greenbelts to school in the morning is a great way to start the day.” – Troy Witt








“People care about safety in Irvine. Everyone keeps an eye out for each other here. The feeling of community and safety is everywhere.” – Grace Holland

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