Native plant of the month

California fuchsia (Epilobium canum) is the perfect plant for this time of year, blooming in the summer and fall with orange- to red-colored flowers that are striking against its distinctive grayish green foliage – attracting late-season feeders,such as hummingbirds, to feast on its nectar. California fuchsia adapts well to climates from the coast into the inland valleys and is found from the central region of the state to its southern foothills. It will tolerate almost any soil condition from sandy to clay soils. Once established, it can grow well with very little water but does best with infrequent summer watering. Prune the plant down to the ground in midwinter so it springs up the following year. California fuchsia is great for habitat gardens, borders and dry banks. It is excellent for cut flower arrangements.

California fuchsia: Epilobium canum.