Open spaces of The Irvine Ranch

Through master planning, Irvine Company and its conservation partners spent decades establishing a remarkable legacy of open space on The Irvine Ranch. Encompassing 57,500 acres of beautiful and biologically valuable land, this open space has always offered a wide array of activities and adventures for nature lovers and recreational enthusiasts alike.

If you’ve never explored it, take a virtual walk through this special edition to discover why so much time and passion were invested in ensuring the land would be here for you today, tomorrow and forever.


More than 1,600 acres of meadows, woodlands and hills lead clear to Crystal Cove. The historic canyon, once known for cattle roundups, is now the centerpiece of Irvine’s open space network.
Hawks and falcons soar over 1,700-foot ridgelines that hold some of Orange County’s favorite trails. The canyon floor is rich with deerweed, sticky monkey flower and pearly everlasting, a delightful flower that smells like maple syrup.
This 320-acre marshland provides a seasonal home for 327 species of birds, making it one of 32 “Wetlands of Distinction” in the U.S. The wildlife sanctuary also offers 12 miles of woodland trails right in the heart of the city.
Grassy hills, trails and meadows offer sweeping views of Irvine and Orange County, best observed from an iconic rock outcropping. These are the only trails on The Irvine Ranch to allow dogs (on leashes, of course).
Known as “the Yosemite of Orange County,” these wildlands are home to rare Tecate cypress and soaring golden eagles. Fremont has some of the region’s deepest points (700 feet below sea level), and its highest peak is 2,376 feet.
The star of Limestone Canyon is, undoubtedly, “The Sinks,” known as Irvine’s Grand Canyon. Scientists believe these deep sandstone formations were created by a geological event 20 million to 40 million years ago.
The 3.5 miles of beaches are the known attraction. But it’s also home to 2,800 acres of canyons and backcountry trails. Offshore, one of California’s few Marine Conservation Areas teems with bright garibaldi, giant kelp forests and the gentle leopard shark.

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