A chef at Meizhou Dongpo carves roast duck. The restaurant at Culver Plaza is known for its spicy Sichuan cuisine.

Come for the atmosphere, stay for the Peking-style roast duck


Known for its bold and fiery cuisine, Sichuan eatery Meizhou Dongpo has over 100 locations in China and five in the United States. The elegant Irvine spot, marking its fifth anniversary at Culver Plaza, is the newest in America.

“It is also the best,” enthuses U.S. regional manager Chris Fu. “Best for the taste, for the service, the general manager, the chef, the servers – the best team and the best food in our company.”

Meizhou Dongpo offers a completely authentic menu, Fu says, adding, “We provide dishes the same way we do in China.”

Signature dishes include a meticulously presented roasted duck, a favorite for special occasions. The Braised Pork Hock is finished with a deeply flavorful pepper sauce whose recipe dates back 1,000 years.

Mouth-numbing from peppercorns and five-alarm spicy, the Chinese Royal Hot Pot is another showstopper – beef, shrimp, Spam, quail eggs, needle mushrooms, lotus root, kelp and more in a vessel fit for royalty.

Finish with a transporting White Fungus Soup, made from a frond-like mushroom, or the popular Rice Cake in Brown Sugar.

Meizhou Dongpo is located at Culver Plaza.

The Irvine location is celebrating its fifth anniversary.


Meizhou Dongpo offers superior dumplings; these three spots do, too.


University Center

The Food Network food-truck fave just opened a street-art-splashed, fast-casual eatery serving dumpling versions such as the fried chicken and Filipino sausage.


The Market Place

The contemporary wonderland of dumplings (jiaozi) presents more than a dozen styles, including pork and celery, steamed shrimp and a colorful five-flavor assortment.

TANG 190

Cypress Village Shopping Center

The Korean soup star offers pork-and-beef-filled dumplings and rice cakes in a savory beef broth or a dozen steamed or fried pork dumplings with soy-based dipping sauce.

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