Gardening tips from Kenny Tanaka of Tanaka Farms

Where to start for a novice gardener?

Radishes are great. They offer quick gratification because they produce in about 60 days and are a perfect learning opportunity for kids. (Though they may not want to eat them.) Squashes are also a safe choice.

Raised beds or in-ground?

If I was starting a home garden, I would do a raised-bed system because you can easily replace the soil if needed. Sometimes gardening in the same plot over and over can lead to disease.

What about for small spaces?

A trough system is your best bet because you can build your garden upward, and they are portable. If you move, a trough system can come with you, as with raised beds.

Advantage of our climate?

Our climate in Southern California is so steady all year round. It’s never too hot or too cold. Lettuces and leafy greens thrive in the spring and summer, but nothing is off-limits.

Favorite time of year at Tanaka Farms?

Springtime because it’s strawberry season and usually really green. And, of course, fall is amazing. We love having our pumpkin patch.