Irvine Company’s Innovation Park will help maintain Irvine’s jobs-to-residents ratio as one of the best in America, allowing residents to work close to home.

Contemporary office campus replaces former RV park


The old Traveland USA lot closed seven years ago after a slowdown in the RV market.

Today, in its place, plans are being implemented for Innovation Park at Irvine Spectrum District.

The campus is designed to spur creative thinking and collaboration with seamless indoor-outdoor work spaces. Roll-up doors and windows will open to a central courtyard with pocket parks, cafes and fitness areas to create a parklike setting for Irvine’s future innovative workforce.

Office space in the Spectrum area is nearly fully leased, so the new campus, set to open in spring 2021, will accommodate future job growth.

Irvine Spectrum is the central employment hub in Irvine and is home to approximately 3,500 companies ranging from startups to global leaders.

The new office campus will feature modern, loft-style architecture with open ceilings, skylights and wall-length doors that open to landscaped pocket parks, cafes and fitness areas.

“We see lots of tech and innovation companies that want creative, collaborative spaces in Irvine,” says Lucy Dunn, president and CEO of the Orange County Business Council. “Innovation Park hits the mark.”

There’s another benefit of Irvine’s new office space – balance.

Jobs near homes

Irvine’s Master Plan has created a city with a near-perfect jobs-to-residents balance, and Innovation Park will help maintain that ratio as one of the best in America.

“People value living near their job and shorter commutes,” Dunn says. “Irvine is the best at providing office space for its residents – a very smart trend for others to follow.”

The Traveland USA lot closed seven years ago.

Top U.S. Companies That Call Irvine Home

Several major corporations call Irvine home — from Mazda to Google to Blizzard Entertainment.

Why? Irvine’s Master Plan created two major business districts — in close proximity to a world-class university — that have attracted top companies and created a jobs-to-population ratio of nearly 100%.

These companies also contribute greatly to Irvine’s fiscal bottom line, keeping taxes low, parks maintained and the Police Department fully funded.

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