Mathis Brothers Furniture recently announced it will open a 163,000-square-foot showroom at The Market Place – the county’s largest retail lease in five years.

Mathis Brothers Furniture chooses Irvine

Lease at The Market Place signals Irvine’s economic strength


Irvine continues to attract major retailers, giving its economy a major boost.

Mathis Brothers Furniture recently announced that it will open a 163,000-square-foot showroom at The Market Place — the county’s largest retail lease in five years.

“Every city in Southern California pursues retail opportunities like this,” says Bryan Starr, president and CEO of the Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce. “For Mathis Brothers to choose Irvine says a lot about what Irvine retail centers deliver.”

Each year, Irvine retail centers attract millions of visitors who gather with families and friends to meet, dine and relax. This, in turn, attracts the nation’s top retailers like Apple, Nordstrom and, now, Mathis Brothers — one of America’s largest independent furniture retailers.

Its new showroom, set to open in spring 2020, will feature a full bar, an 8,000-square-foot atrium of outdoor furniture, and more than 10,000 home furnishings on display.

“We pride ourselves in seeking out best-in-class retail locations,” says Rit Mathis of Mathis Brothers Furniture.

“We get all this and more at The Market Place. We’ve never been in a center with so much magnetism.”

The Mathis Brothers showroom will display more than 10,000 home furnishings.

Revenue for Irvine

Sales tax from Irvine retailers makes up about a third of the city’s revenues.

These revenues help pay for police, street maintenance, parks and recreation. So the quality of life Irvine is known for is connected to its retail success.

These retail dollars, as well as sound management, help keep Irvine America’s most fiscally sound city, as named by the Fiscal Times.

“We’re fortunate to live in the Safest Large City in America, but it’s no coincidence,” says Starr.

“Irvine residents and visitors alike are safe thanks to a dedicated police department and city leaders — and also our fiscal strength.”

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