The 185-acre UCI Research Park, adjacent to UC Irvine, is home to 75 companies and is gaining prestige similar to Stanford Research Park.

UCI Research Park taps STEM talent


Irvine is home to over 265,000 residents and nearly 270,000 jobs. This population-to-jobs ratio is among the best in America.

About 8,000 of the jobs find their home at UCI Research Park, located on 185 acres adjacent to UC Irvine.

UCI Research Park connects high-tech businesses, such as Cisco Systems, Medtronic and Toshiba America, with one of the nation’s top research universities and its faculty, students and STEM graduates.


The unique office campus has helped Irvine businesses land billions in venture capital funding, and is gaining in prestige — similar to Stanford Research Park or the Research Triangle in North Carolina.

UCI Research Park is the result of the long-term relationship between Irvine Company and UC Irvine that dates back to 1960, when the 1,000- acre campus was integrated as part of the Irvine Master Plan.

“We recognize the top-tier talent coming from UCI and fully expect to leverage this pool as the company grows.” – Dr. John Pham, CEO of INBRACE, maker of invisible braces

The Commons at UCI Research Park features a digitally enabled, open-air venue for team collaboration, events, and exhibitions.

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