Data leader picks Irvine as global HQ

Dean Stoeker, CEO of Irvine-based Alteryx, knows data. He values it for what it is: vital to the success of any organization in essentially all industries.

Dean Stoecker, Alteryx CEO

Dean Stoecker, CEO of Irvine-based Alteryx, knows data.

He values it for what it is: vital to the success of any organization in essentially all industries.

“Every industry … has a dependency on data and analytics,” he says. “For example, predicting what player to recruit or knowing what products customers are likely to buy is entirely data driven.”

The Alteryx platform takes a task that would normally require hours or days and condenses it into seconds.

The result, according to Alteryx, is quicker decision-making, tighter inventory, more efficient staffing, tailored marketing and streamlined operations for industries from health care to government, financial services, retail and beyond.

Executives from some of the largest companies in the world have taken notice. Alteryx counts Hyatt, Dell, Coca-Cola and consumer goods giant Unilever among its clients.

New world headquarters

It’s also doubling down on Irvine to grow the business.

“Irvine provides access to lots of talent to fuel our growth, as well as access to a large business community,” Stoecker says. “Easy access from John Wayne Airport makes the world our oyster when it comes to driving continued growth.

“Irvine adds to our ability to grow,” he says.

With its new global headquarters, Alteryx will increase its Irvine footprint, leasing 184,000 square feet at Spectrum Terrace. Stoecker chose the modern campus in the heart of Irvine’s innovation corridor in part for its location, indoor-outdoor connectivity, amenities and healthy, world-class building design.

“With our significant growth, we chose to build a world headquarters, and the Spectrum Terrace campus met our needs beautifully,” Stoecker says. “It provides easy access for our team, plenty of room for future expansion and the ability to tailor an environment that delivers a high degree of collaboration for both work and social gatherings.”

Proximity to UC Irvine is also key. The university teaches several courses using the Alteryx platform as part of its software and data analytics curriculum.

“We have only begun to develop the broader relationship with UCI,” Stoecker says. “So much more can be done to help students develop career optionality when data science and analytic prowess is developed.”

Giving back

Alteryx is also taking the time to give back in recognition of the economic challenges some are currently facing.

Stoecker calls it the ADAPT program – a workforce training initiative for anyone in the world who has experienced reduced employment. The idea originated from a staff member who asked Stoecker how the company planned to help during the pandemic.

“We decided to help the unemployed get their careers back on track by offering them free Alteryx software, access to our learning programs, and the ability to be certified on our platform and obtain a free nanodegree in business analytics,” Stoecker says. “This will help them future-proof their careers.”

While Alteryx is helping those in need, it is also future-proofing Irvine and global economies by continuing to lead the way in data analytics.