Beckman students inspire others to find their calling

Beckman High students Noah Lee, Noah Huang and Tyler Hom wanted to find a new way for young people to discover their passion and potential career paths.

The trio, who’ve been friends since preschool, decided to turn their idea into reality after they learned about the Dragon Kim Foundation, an Orange County nonprofit that supports youth community service projects.

They pitched the idea and won a $5,000 fellowship from the foundation to launch Jobortunity. The project aims to expose students, including those from low-income areas, to different career pathways through interview videos of working professionals.

They’ve interviewed 30 professionals so far, ranging from a CEO and an accountant to a storyboard artist and teacher influencer. The videos are available through the project website and YouTube.

“Anybody who has the internet can access these interviews, no matter where they are and who they are,” Huang says.

The videos help put faces to these jobs, Hom says.

“It seems more real rather than just reading text,” Hom says. “You could see images and videos of what they do. In our interviews, professionals would tell their story about how they got to where they are, and once they got there what it’s actually like.”

They plan to post internship opportunities along with the videos so that the website becomes a one-stop shop for students, Lee says.

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