Irvine Company creates the first open-air office village designed for health and wellness

There’s a new way to do business in Southern California. It combines fresh air with fresh thinking about indoor-outdoor workspaces.

There’s a new way to do business in Southern California.

It combines fresh air with fresh thinking about indoor-outdoor workspaces.

Innovation Office Park is a first-of-its-kind, open-air office village designed for health and wellness. With the touch of a button, tenants can raise oversized roll-up doors to let in the fresh air, or step into a private patio and garden to hold a meeting or enjoy lunch.

Set in a grove of 2,600 mature olive and pine trees, Irvine Company’s new office village features 28 loft-style buildings connected by a central pedestrian pathline that draws people out into the fresh air.

“Today’s most competitive companies seek workplaces that help them innovate, collaborate and thrive in an environment that promotes wellness and safeguards employees’ health,” says Steve Case, executive vice president of Irvine Company’s office division. “We are seeing strong early interest as health metrics improve, the vaccines roll out and companies plan their return to the office and post-pandemic growth strategies.”

Buildings also feature operable windows for fresh air, exterior stairwells and MERV 13 air filtration for healthier air circulation. The indoor experience is enhanced with floor-to-ceiling, energy-efficient Viracon glass, allowing natural light in while keeping heat out.

Innovation Office Park is conveniently located at the confluence of the I-5 and 133 freeways.


Walk along the pathline

Its half-mile central pathline features 150-year-old olive trees and mature pines that create a village setting directly connected to the Olive Grove Cafe with rotating cuisine and artisan coffee bar with beer and wine. The pathline also leads to an outdoor event center and a fitness center with indoor-outdoor spaces.

“As you walk through the campus, the landscape unfolds in layers,” says landscape architect Bill Burton of Burton Works in Solana Beach. “The whole place is a garden, really. If I’m a company, I’m able to attract top employees because these amenities are at such a high level.”

Attached private patios at each building add to the village feel.

“I’d like to take that walk every day at lunch,” Burton says, “because I’m going to see people out there. It’s unique and it’s fun. And it’s another layer that you don’t normally see.”


Move-in ready workspaces

The 1.1 million-square-foot campus occupies 73 acres – roughly the size of Fashion Island – that include over 24 acres of landscaped green space with a bike path leading to miles of trails and open space.

The 28 two-story buildings range from 20,000 square feet to 64,000 square feet. Move-in ready workspaces, with flexible lease terms starting at just six months, are available with suites ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 square feet.

The first eight buildings totaling 300,000 square feet are now available.

Companies have the opportunity to customize their workspace through branded supergraphics on the building exterior, along with a curated menu of private patio furniture and tailored interiors to reflect company culture.

“People will be talking about this place,” Burton says. “It raises the bar for what an office park can be.”


• Roll-up doors, operable windows and private patios
• MERV 13 air filtration systems deliver 100% fresh outside air every 60 minutes

• Exterior stairwells for private entry

• Central pedestrian pathline set amid 2,600 mature olive and pine trees
• Indoor/outdoor cafe and outdoor event-ready pavilion

• Fitness center with yoga studio and outdoor workouts