Jerri Rosen, founder and chief executive officer of Working Wardrobes.

Providing job seekers with work clothes to rebuild their careers


As Orange County emerged from the pandemic this year, thousands of job seekers needed suits and professional wear to land new jobs.

Working Wardrobes was there to help.

“We help rebuild careers,” says Jerri Rosen, the nonprofit’s founder and chief executive officer. “And as a result of COVID, I don’t know anything more important than the opportunity to help people do that.”

Rosen had to rebuild Working Wardrobes in 2020 after a fire destroyed its Irvine facility. She relocated her headquarters, but the donation center remains in Irvine.

“Irvine donors are particularly generous and provide great quality clothing,” Rosen says. “We love them.”

Over the past 31 years, Working Wardrobes has helped put more than 150,000 people to work with the benefit of donated business clothes and employment services. This year, the nonprofit dressed more than 3,500 job applicants.

“Our goal is to help people experience the power of a paycheck,” Rosen says. “If you have work clothes you no longer wear, they can make a difference.”

To help, drop off interview-ready clothes (clean and on hangers) to the Donation Center at 17392 Daimler St., Irvine. For more information or to volunteer at the center, call 714-210-2460.

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