Why this satellite maker launched in Irvine

Terran Orbital is the world’s leading manufacturer of nanosatellites and has launched over 340 satellite missions since its inception in 2013. When not focused on space, co-founder, chairman and CEO, Marc Bell is right at home in Irvine where his company is based. We asked him about the company’s Irvine story.

How did you get started?

Terran Orbital started in a small space in Irvine and has thrived here. We are now the global leader in small satellite technology and are even deeply involved in NASA’s Artemis program.

Where are your operations?

The vast majority of our company’s employees are all based in Irvine, at our corporate office at 400 Spectrum, or in our satellite factory at 50 Technology.

How does the team like working in the 400 Spectrum tower?

Convenience is central to everything we do. The proximity of our offices to the Spectrum Center is a highlight. After work we can walk across the street to see an IMAX movie or have dinner. And at the office, we have easy access to a gym and an incredible cafe for a snack, lunch or coffee. And the views are pretty spectacular from our office with floor-to-ceiling glass.

Is the team back at the office?

Our offices never closed during the pandemic because we are working on very complex government satellite design and fabrication projects that can only be done in our offices. Our employees appreciated the efforts made to provide a safe and secure environment.

And you live near the office?

Yes, it’s incredible. My home, office and factory are all in this dynamic environment that’s also clean and safe.