Coming Crustaceans

Le Shrimp Ramen

Le Shrimp marries the elaborate flavors of Japanese ramen, silky Chinese noodles and the starring ingredient: fresh tiger prawns. The signature shrimp-chicken broth involves baking, then simmering, prawns for eight hours with spices, including star anise and white peppercorn; the luscious stock has a tangerine-orange hue and a smoky aroma known in Cantonese cooking as wok-hei. There’s a vegan broth, too. The signature shrimp ramen trio brings large prawns, succulent prawn dumplings and handmade ebiko prawn paste. Several ramen dishes, one featuring crispy chicken cutlet, come in spicy versions. Wontons are handmade. Start with the Long Jing Tea Lava Egg.

The Dive Oyster Bar

The raw bar at The Dive presents up to six varieties of aficionado-pleasing oysters seasonally – perhaps Fanny Bay from British Columbia, domestic Kumamoto and Naked Cowboy – and the traditional accoutrements. Splendid on their own, the bivalves also serve as prelude to Cajun/Creole steam‑kettle dishes. Patrons might start with steamed clams and mussels in creamy garlic broth; they continue with jambalaya, chowder or, combining the best of pan roast and bouillabaisse, a Bouillaroast, all with add-ons such as blue crab and andouille sausage. There are handhelds, too – notably a lobster-claw-and-knuckle roll on a brioche bun and po’boy sandwiches. Finish with crispy beignets.