New Irvine Connect shuttle helps residents get around town

A new, free shuttle service for Irvine commuters started rolling on April 1.

Irvine Connect picks up passengers every 20 minutes at 77 stops across the city, predominantly along Yale Avenue, Barranca and Alton parkways.

The service provides residents with an eco‑friendly ride that connects parks, businesses, shopping areas and Irvine Station. Stops include: Northwood Community Center, Heritage Park, Woodbridge Village Center, Hoag Hospital and Irvine Spectrum Center.

City leaders created Irvine Connect after exploring additional transit options for the community. A 2022 transit study found that Irvine Connect’s route, which at the time was not covered by public transit, had the best potential to connect residents, according to city officials.

The service includes seven green-blue-and-white shuttles powered by compressed natural gas, each equipped with Wi-Fi and a bike rack. Small service animals are allowed onboard if carried in a pet carrier.

Travelers and commuters can find an Irvine Connect route map and track shuttles in real time at