Transportation solutions for Irvine’s economic core

Irvine Spectrum District is a dynamic job hub, and vital to its success is the strategy to get workers to the office each day.

Spectrum apartment communities create the proximity to walk to work. Adjacent villages are a short bike ride away. And for others, there is SpectruMotion – America’s most successful alternative-transportation program.

SpectruMotion began in 1985 when the city of Irvine and Irvine Company conceived of a novel idea: a transportation management association, funded by employers, to reduce the flow of traffic into the city. It was the first of its kind in America.

“We’re a free service that helps residents get to work in ways that are more environmentally friendly, less expensive and more convenient than driving alone,” Executive Director Kelly Vasquez says.

A variety of options

The association educates and encourages employees to leave their cars at home and commute via alternatives such as ride-sharing, carpools, Metrolink, bicycles and even on foot.

For those who typically drive to work, SpectruMotion arranges ride-share options – with incentives such as a $100 gas card for those who register with the program and a first-month-free option for all ride-share options.

“We promote the idea that ride-sharing even one day a week helps reduce congestion and helps the environment,” Vasquez says.

450 million vehicle miles eliminated

SpectruMotion also helps commuters use the Metrolink rail service into Irvine Station – the county’s most popular train station, serving over 1 million commuters annually – including “the last mile” from the station to work.

“I can book my Metrolink tickets from the app in under a minute,” says Moses Mejia, who’d been using Metrolink since 2006. “It’s super convenient!

He also enjoys SpectruMotion’s “Emergency Ride Home” program, which covers him for unexpected commuting emergencies.

Since 1985, SpectruMotion has eliminated over 450 million vehicle miles from Irvine’s roads.

“Our sole mission is to reduce traffic congestion,” Vasquez says. “Thankfully, the Spectrum District is blessed with excellent commuter and rail service, and our database of nearly 10,000 commuters makes it easy for employees to find a carpool or ride-share program.”

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“I can book my Metrolink tickets from the app in under a minute. It’s super convenient!” – Moses Mejia