Irvine has some of the the state’s smoothest roads

Motorists enjoying a smooth ride across Irvine can thank the city’s investment in its roadways, which are among the best in California, according to a recent assessment. 

The California Statewide Local Streets and Roads Needs Assessment is commissioned by the League of California Cities to provide a comprehensive study of the state’s roadways. 

It determined that Orange County’s roads are the smoothest in the state. They earned an average score of 79 – the highest average weighted score among the state’s 58 counties, according to the assessment. 

The assessment compiles data from the Pavement Condition Index (PCI), a survey of California’s local road system conducted every two years.  

Orange County’s highly touted streets contrast with those throughout the state, which average a PCI score of 65, indicating they are “at risk.” Indeed, 54 counties across the state have road pavement considered “at risk” or “poor,” according to the assessment. 

Irvine’s 388 miles of roadway are inspected and repaired through a Pavement Maintenance Program. That investment has a long-term fiscal payoff. As pavement conditions deteriorate, the cost for repairs increases. Reconstructing pavement can cost up to 14 times more than preserving it in good condition, according to the assessment. 

Other efforts taken by city officials to ensure motorists have a smooth ride through Irvine include synchronizing traffic signals, widening major roadways and offering the new, free shuttle service Irvine CONNECT.