Spectrumotion makes nearly 2 million car trips disappear every year

Innovation is the defining characteristic of Irvine Spectrum — and that includes the way transportation is managed.

Over 900 tech-oriented and other companies who call Spectrum home pay into an innovative transportation management association known as Spectrumotion.

Spectrumotion is the “conductor,” in essence, of a wide range of mobility programs in the Spectrum, educating and encouraging employees to leave their cars at home and commute via alternatives suchas Metrolink, ridesharing, carpools, bicycles and even on foot. The result: nearly 2 million cars trips are taken off the road each year.

“Our sole mission is to reduce traffic congestion,” says Stephen McCaughey, Spectrumotion’s executive director. Our biggest job is convincing commuters to give up driving to work alone. But the Spectrum  area is blessed with excellent commuter and rail service, and our database of 11,000 commuters makes it easy for employees to find a carpool or rideshare program.”

Spectrumotion was established in 1985 by the City of Irvine and Irvine Company.

Learn more: www.spectrumotion.com

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