Irvine Spectrum offers new ways to get around

New shuttle routes, electric-car service and a bike-share program reduce traffic

How do you reduce 2 million car trips a year around the Irvine Spectrum?

By offering healthy alternatives.

The newest alternatives include electric-car service, a bike-share program and new shuttle routes to carry employees the “last mile” to and from Irvine Station.

They add to the growing list of alternatives. Options:

Envoy electric-car service

Envoy, a company offering on demand shared electric cars, recently launched its service at Spectrum-area apartments and offices. Through Envoy’s smartphone app, users can rent fully insured electric cars, such as the Nissan Leaf, parked at these properties.

“I live, work and shop within a 1-mile radius, so I don’t need to own a car,” Envoy user Jimmy Amash said. “Envoy filled that gap seamlessly. Tap and drive as needed with no strings attached. I’m saving time and money so I can focus on what matters to me most right now.”

New iShuttle routes

The iShuttle — with its bright green and blue buses — recently added two routes to its existing four routes, which operate during mornings and afternoon peak hours on weekdays. iShuttle stops at Irvine Spectrum Center, office campuses, apartment communities and Irvine Station.

Zagster bike-share service

Bicycles are available to rent quickly and easily from racks around the Spectrum area. To rent a bike, a rider simply uses the Zagster smartphone app to unlock one automatically.

“It’s great for me,” says one commuter. “It takes 30 seconds to get a bike, and I don’t have to carry it up to my apartment when I’m done.”

Spectrumotion program

Spectrumotion is a program that encourages carpool, vanpool, transit and cycling, and manages many of the mobility programs within the Spectrum District.

Established in 1985 by the city of Irvine and Irvine Company, Spectrumotion has helped eliminate nearly 2 million car trips each year.