Culver widening is part of $90M in road improvements


The Culver Drive and University Drive intersection is now easier to travel through, and drivers can more easily make turns, following $5.1 million in improvements.

The city added two northbound right-turn lanes and a new northbound through lane on Culver Drive. Previously, there was no right-turn lane there.

The project cut the amount of time drivers have to wait to go through or make right turns. The city also improved traffic signals and beautified the median and parkway, enhancing irrigation and landscaping.

The widening is part of Irvine’s 72 key transportation projects totaling about $90 million.

Last year the city completed several important projects, including the expansion of a mile-long stretch of University Drive near the UC Irvine campus. This section is now six lanes wide, greatly easing traffic flows.

Also, the city installed new vehicle and bicycle detection technology at several intersections. The technology reduces traffic congestion and wait times at lights and is part of the city’s major light-synchronization strategy, which has synchronized over 300 signals along 19 city corridors. These efforts can significantly reduce wait times.

“Transportation is consistently one of the most important priorities for Irvine’s residents,” says Alex Salazar, the city’s capital improvement program administrator.

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