Two by two we go

Terri Kerr has been biking in Irvine for 30 years on a tandem.

There’s a certain charm to riding a tandem. It’s relaxing. You always have someone to talk to. And then there are all of the people who smile and wave at you.

Terri Kerr knows. She’s been riding a tandem in and around Irvine for 30 years, most recently with her friend Derrick Vianna. We asked what it’s been like to explore Irvine’s 364 miles of bikeways from the back of a tandem.

Why ride a tandem bike?

It’s a good equalizer. My original riding partner was riding much faster than I was, and I couldn’t keep up. When we got a tandem, we were together, and it was a lot more fun. You can go faster than riding single. You also meet other bicyclists. We do tandem rides with a bike group. It’s exercise, but it’s social. I’ve met some great friends this way. We spend holidays and birthdays together. They have become family to me. Some of us are no longer riding bikes, but we still get together.

What do you enjoy most about riding local trails?

You can get good exercise. It goes really fast on a flat road or downhill, but it’s like a semi-truck when you go up because you have more weight on a tandem. Irvine has wonderful trails where you can stay off the street. They really do an excellent job of putting in bike lanes and trails. Few other cities have anything like this.

Favorite trails?

I like the San Diego Creek Trail. You can go to different places like Irvine Spectrum, Upper Newport Bay and the beach. It’s a nice, straight trail and well-maintained. Shady Canyon is also pretty and beautiful. I like hiking, too, and it’s like getting out in nature. You are off the beaten path on some of it. I love the springtime because the hills are so green.