Irvine’s 364 miles of trails attract every kind of bike. Here’s one.

The popularity of electric bikes has increased as people look for more ways to get outside for fresh air and exercise.

We asked Michelle Angulo about her ride: a Gazelle Ultimate C380, with suspension seat, shock absorber, stepless gear-shifting and battery good for 70 miles per charge.

Why ride an e-bike?

I wanted to get some exercise riding a bike, but at my age, it can be intimidating. E-bikes give you that confidence. I feel like I’m going outdoors a lot more. There’s something empowering about riding a bike and feeling the wind on your face.

What are the benefits?

You have a lot of control over how much exercise you want to get. You can have no assistance at all and ride it like a regular bike. Many people think you just sit there and do nothing. I can pedal as much as I want and ride a lot farther. They don’t realize how great e-bikes are until they try one.

Describe Irvine’s bikeways.

They are great. They are paved. I even feel like Irvine has been built around bikes. There are bike lanes everywhere. You don’t see it elsewhere.

Where did you get your bike?

I went to Groove E-Bikes in Woodbridge Village Center. They’ve sold e-bikes since 2013 and made sure I got the right fit and model.

Interested in an e-bike? Visit Groove E-Bikes at 4622 Barranca Parkway or online at GrooveEbikes.com.